The MILANO ITALIAN STYLE trademark represents the Italian lifestyle, which can be summed up in the expression Il Bello Ben Fatto (‘Well-Crafted Beauty’), coined and registered by Mario Boselli (2008000765, 10.01.2008), accompanied by the three ‘F’s of Fashion – Food – Furnishing (full design).

The trademark is licensed to companies and institutions for quality initiatives such as exhibitions, fashion shows and presentations in Milan, capital of the Italian lifestyle with regard to clothing, food, and home and office decor.

The conditions and terms for the use of the MILANO ITALIAN STYLE trademark in physical spaces  communication campaigns, images, etc. are established by the Advisory Board


Restaurants with authentic and healthy food, refined catering, and hotels with a high level of hospitality. Events, exhibitions, and competitions in the area of food and wine. Ad campaigns and promotional initiatives deemed particularly effective and incisive.


Top-level exhibitions and trade fairs for products in the textile-clothing-fashion supply chain. Fashion shows and presentations of high-end prêt-à-porter collections.

Events related to technological research in the field of fibres and textiles.

Fashion schools, high-level training. Prestigious locations.


Exhibitions and trade shows for design objects, housewares, and home furnishings with a high level of creativity and technology. Events related to technological applications for graphic design, product design and furnishings.


Exhibitions and presentations for the purposes of art, culture and education.

Trade shows, congresses, conferences, seminars, training.

Sporting events.

Parties, beauty contests, banquets, cocktails, shows.

Quality magazines and publications.

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